Gluttony is Contagious????

So, I am a science teacher. I teach 5th grade science. I love science. I also love God. Do God and science go together? Does science prove or disprove God?

I think that is a valid question. If God IS the creator and sustainer of life as He says he is, science should be advancing to the place of proving God’s existence.

And it is moving in that direction.  Although we may not there yet, we’re on our way.

I have seen more evidence of movement this morning when God’s word was proven by scientific research.

Here’s the story: My husband is beginning to show signs of heart disease. Just the beginning stages but enough that I bought this book.

Last night while reading the chapter on weight’s affects on heart disease, I read this insert titled “Is Obesity Socially Contagious”.

Apparently research has proven that hanging around obese people (of which I struggle myself) affects the possibility of a another becoming obese.

This hit home to me because I’ve seen evidence of this and been warning people that I love to take note and be careful of who they hang around.  I have watched a popular home that became the hangout of many, birth an entire group of people that resembled the habits of those who called it home.  In love for the family, I have to say that they were some of the most loving and accepting people I’d ever met.  I’m sure that was the attraction, BUT the activities accepted and practiced in that very accepting and morally passive home were absorbed by those who found solace there.   Many bear the consequences of spending time there.  Drunkenness, gluttony, and homosexuality overtook and  filled the home and, unfortunately, were absorbed by those who spent time there.  The casualties were many.

The Word of God warns us…”Do not carouse with drunkards or feast with gluttons..” Proverbs 23:20  Scientific research proves that if you do, you might just become a drunkard and glutton yourself.

Jesus Christ came that we might be set free.  Jesus Christ came to deliver us and set us on a new path, give us a new standard, provide us with new friends who also desire freedom from the enslaving behaviors of this world.





About pennylroy

Mother, teacher, friend of Jesus and writer wanna be. I love gardening. I am a newbie beekeeper. I plan to retire soon, tend to my garden and bees, and drink coffee and blog all day long. Heaven.
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