Freedom from Worry

Are you a worrier?  I have a tendency to worry.

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I can recite the verse…. Do not be anxious for anything….

But, I still have a tendency to worry.

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Through a God-sent series of events I ended up reading a  booklet on prayer.  A new verse about anxiety stood out and spoke to me. ” Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

Cast my anxiety on Him.  Just that quickly I realized that I had not been casting.   For when you cast something, you throw it away.  If anxiety stays, then I haven’t truly cast my concerns-I’ve cast then them back. casting   Which is disobedience.

Jesus Christ came so that we could be set free.  Free from anxiety as we learn to obey and trust Him by casting our worries onto Him.   When anxiety sneaks up on us, God has given us a way to deal with it-cast it.



About pennylroy

Mother, teacher, friend of Jesus and writer wanna be. I love gardening. I am a newbie beekeeper. I plan to retire soon, tend to my garden and bees, and drink coffee and blog all day long. Heaven.
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