Quit your Crying and start Digging

We’re so bad to cry out to God for stuff and then get angry when we perceive that He is not giving us what we ask.

Maybe it’s because we ask for things we already have. The Bible tells us that we have been given all things that we need for life and for godliness.  2 Peter 1:3.   I’ll never forget the day I realize that was in the past tense. What?   Already given?  What does that mean for us?

Perhaps the reason we’re not having a prayer answered is that what we’re asking for is already ours.  We just have to claim it.

Kind of like when you hear that there is a list of people who have money unclaimed that they are not even aware of.  Money in some long lost account. We always want to look at the list and see if our name is on it. Perhaps there are some things that God has already done for us that we don’t even realize belong to us and all we need to do is pick them up.

Like Joy.   We can have joy in our life. That’s because Joy comes from having Jesus Christ. Nobody can steal Joy from us because nobody can steal Jesus from us. We are blessed beyond belief just because of our relationship with Jesus Christ. We just have to claim Joy and walk in it. It is ours.

Once we realized there is  treasure with our name on it that God has already given us, we begin to search and dig for it like the character in The Bible who dug up treasure and then went and bought the property  so that it could belong to him. Smart guy.

Maybe instead of crying we should start digging and see what we find. There’s treasure out there with our name on it.








About pennylroy

Mother, teacher, friend of Jesus and writer wanna be. I love gardening. I am a newbie beekeeper. I plan to retire soon, tend to my garden and bees, and drink coffee and blog all day long. Heaven.
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One Response to Quit your Crying and start Digging

  1. jollymoments says:

    Beautiful post! I need to start digging! Thanks for sharing!

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