I liken myself to have a tad of artistic talent.  I have drawn some pictures that look somewhat like the object I’m copying.

Although I’m an amateur at art, I’ve seen another artist at work that isn’t. His name is Influence.  He doesn’t work with pencil and paper though; his craft is done with human souls.  His work can be very good, or his work can be very bad depending on the source of his inspiration.

God warns us of him.  Tells us of his power.  Warns us of our own constitution-clay.

The good news is, God uses this artist Himself to create His greatest works.  When clay is in the right hands, it can become the most beautiful, powerful pieces and God puts those pieces on display for the world to see.



About pennylroy

Mother, teacher, friend of Jesus and writer wanna be. I love gardening. I am a newbie beekeeper. I plan to retire soon, tend to my garden and bees, and drink coffee and blog all day long. Heaven.
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