Too.  It is a little word but it has come to have a big meaning for me.

too (adverb)-in addition, also

You see, I have a problem-I eat TOO much;  I eat in addition to what I need.  I eat my meal and also a little bit more, and I’ve set out to understand and overcome the problem of too.

And so, I am doing what I try to always do:  Ask the one with the answers: God.

I have been asking God how He viewed the problem and what He has set up for a way to overcome the problem of too.

And then I read something that caught my attention.

What I read mentioned the Garden of Eden.   It told how Adam and Eve lived in a smorgasbord.  A smorgasbord of goodness.  In the Garden of Eden there was only one thing that they were to avoid-a certain tree and a certain fruit-everything else was up for grabs.  Easy huh?  Well, we know how that turned out.


We, on the other hand, live here on Earth-in a different kind of smorgasbord.  A smorgasbord with many things we, as God’s beautiful, holy children, are to monitor and a plethora of things to avoid.

times square

Sometimes it is an obvious avoidance:  don’t take illegal drugs, don’t take other people’s stuff, don’t lie, cheat, or murder.

Other times, it is that little but powerful idea of too.  Don’t eat too much food, spend too much money, or even exercise too much.

You know-enough is enough.?.?   

Herein lies our problem-enough.  Why isn’t enough, enough-enough sex,  enough TV,  enough Facebook?  When are we-how are we-going to learn to be content with enough and quit wanting too?

Self control

Well first I think we need to call it what it is:  gluttony, greed, idolatry, perversion (ouch).

Doesn’t sound so good now, does it?  Let’s take it out of the darkness and bring it to light.  We have an ugly problem-our flesh and the flesh is never fully satisfied.

There it is.   The scale just keeps going up.  The amount due on the credit card bill just keeps increasing-the list of partners….the stuff in our house…..the amount we need to take to feel good again.  Ugh!  ENOUGH!

This flesh of mine is corrupt.  So is yours.  That is why God tells us to make no provision for it.

new life

I need to change what I can change:  what is in my pantry, whether I carry a credit card at all, whether my phone is a flip phone instead of an internet access one (There, I said it men.).  I need to make it hard for my flesh.  The Bible would tell us to take it off.

But, that is not enough.  When you take something off, if you don’t put something on, you leave a void. And voids are dangerous when you live in flesh.

We need to be full-not overfull-but filled.  If we’re not filled, our flesh will seek to take care of the deficit.

When we take something off, we need to put something on, someone on-Jesus Christ.  Off with the old flesh-driven, self-seeking self and on with the new Spirit driven, holiness seeking, other-centered newness of Jesus Christ.

God is enough

We need to quit identifying with, therefore, becoming like the gluttonous, drunken, over-sexualized world and begin identifying, and becoming like the temperate, sober, loving,  Jesus Christ-and be satisfied in Him and the life He offers us.   Abundant life.  Full life.  A life filled with contentment, satisfaction, peace, love, and joy.

Throw it out, cut it up, trade it in.  Enough, I say.  No more too.

If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off. ……..if your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off. …….And if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into hell…  Mark 9:47

But, that’s another blog altogether……










About pennylroy

Mother, teacher, friend of Jesus and writer wanna be. I love gardening. I am a newbie beekeeper. I plan to retire soon, tend to my garden and bees, and drink coffee and blog all day long. Heaven.
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